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Wow. I remember playing this back in 2008 before I had this NG account. The nostalgia in playing this again makes me tear up. I can't believe it has been getting so much attention lately.

This is a very fun and challenging puzzle game. It is very tough in the higher levels and makes you think about all the possible combinations to try. I think that no changes should be made to this game. 5/5 5/5 Keep up the good work!

This is a fun game just like the first one! It lags wayyy to much by the second level. It needs fixed.

This is a really fun game! I like the different ships and the money collection. The shop is very useful and players must rely on getting kills to get better upgrades. One thing that isn't so good about this game is that you only have one life. I would suggest adding a purchase life thing in the store. All together this is a great game. Keep up the good work! 4/5

Great game! Good ideas and fluid animations. Love this game, but a few minor "buggy" things that could be fixed, but overall a fun game!! Keep up the good work!

5/5 5/5


Like the regular truck-delivery game, but with a nice Christmas kick! Not anything really different from the other truck-delivery games, but a fun little game to play! 4/5 9/10

Awesome game!

Great job! There is one big thing wrong with this (for me at least). The movement is a tad too slow for a side to side shooting game. If this could be improved, it would be a much better game. Love it and great work! 4/5 8/10

Great Job

Great for a first game. Much better than most other "first games" people submit. If you would make more bad guys, bosses, levels, money, upgrades, and more pickup objects this game would kick ass. Great job! 3/5 7/10

Fun and easy game!

This game is really fun and a great puzzle game. It is quite simple and the medals rack up fast! Great job!!

Its fun but needs improvements

This was a fun game to play but I have some ideas for what could be changed.
1.) Right off I noticed that this game had no continue feature. So when you die you have to start a brand new game. You should integrate a continue feature that let you continue from where you died.
2.) This game is almost impossible to play on a laptop because if your mouse moves outside of the screen while on auto shoot it stops completely. You could change it so you can leave your mouse out of the game window.
3.) To me it seems like the zombies are too fast and too strong at the start. The weapons hardly do any damage to them at the start. You could slow down the zombie speed and take the damage down a little, not so much to where it is too easy to kill the zombies, but enough to where it is a little bit easier at the start.

I really like this game and the way it plays, but if you make some minor improvements it will be an even better game.

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