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Harlem Shake Video

2013-02-16 15:41:09 by GamerColyn117

Last night a few of my friends and I decided to make a Harlem Shake video. It has Master Chief tea-bagging, a horse being destroyed, and Hulk humping a couch.

You can see the video here. Make sure to watch and share with your buddies!!!

And remember, Stay Gold....


Art Views

2011-12-20 20:00:33 by GamerColyn117

OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I love Newgrounds!!! My picture of Jim Morrison has 556 views in less than a week! Thank you to all who have helped me through my journey to become an artist on NG. Special props to SirKillington for being a wonderful inspiration and for scouting me. I will keep up the art and maybe even some music.....

and as always....stay gold my friends.

Recovery Update

2011-11-18 14:50:51 by GamerColyn117

Life: I have been really busy with school. I missed a week and 2 days of school to be in the Wizard of Oz. I was in the pit orchestra, I was a stage manager every other day, and I had to fix the entire soundboard system when it erased it's own memory. This week was the week I was almost done with makeup work until......PNEUMONIA!!! Ahhhhhh!! It isn't that bad but I had to miss this entire week of school. Good thing for email and attachments, I have done almost all of the classwork/homework by myself at home.

Newgrounds: Newgrounds has made it tough to get computer work done, but I still did it. I have also done many great things on NG this week. Ranking up, reviewing as much as I can, and submitting a new picture are among the many things I have done this week. I am trying to get known on NG for art and music, and my good friend SirKillington has helped me a lot. He is my inspiration for artwork. I bought a new amp and that along with the powers of the Kristal Audio Engine I will be making more music. Most of which will be cello and bass with anything else I can use on Kristal.

Thanks my friends. And as always......stay gold.

Newgrounds Choices

2011-08-05 15:03:25 by GamerColyn117

I am really indecisive about what my main submissions should be. I am a musician and I really like to make new music, but I also like to draw. I am leaning more towards drawing because it is something I can do all the time. IDK. I will put a few more things up and see what I should do.

P.S. I can't do flash because I'm not that talented, and really don't have the time to do it.

Newgrounds Choices


2011-07-29 11:16:51 by GamerColyn117

It's my 16th Birthday!!! Happy birthday to me!

Great BBS thread

2011-06-25 14:00:30 by GamerColyn117

Sirkillington is doing a great job making pictures for whoever wants them in this BBS